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Man United Fan Blog July 12th/16th 2012

It would appear that West Ham are interested in taking Andy Carroll on loan, and Liverpool seem quite open to it. The only problem with West Ham is that this would seem to sterotype Carroll into being a Sam Allardyce long ball performer. I think he's got more to offer than that, in fact I wouldn't object to him appearing at OT.

Breaking news that Claus Lundekvam has admitted to spot fixing bets on the time of the first throw in. Now, I can clearly remember loads of games when the ball seemed to be hoofed out of play almost straight from kick off, and sometimes you were suspicious and sometimes you put it down to the ineptitude of the players involved. The problem seems to be that other people will have bet on the time of first throw in quite legitimately and the spot fixing invalidates this! Well, if people want to make a judgement call on when the first throw in will be I can only assume that there are not two flies racing up the wall at that particular moment in time. First goalscorer, correct score, will there be a penalty, all reasonable betting markets. But if betting on anything that can be influenced by a single individual kicking the ball as hard as he can in one direction or another, in my opinion you deserve everything you get.

The John Terry case rumbles on with Mourinho put forward as a character witness. Now, no matter what you might think about JT as a racist, surely with his record there cant be many that would defend his character. Was Mourinho the manager when he allegedly sold tickets to the Chelsea training ground? Cant remember but there have been plenty of other incidents too, including the alleged affair with a team mate's partner. In total there were 19 character witnesses, possibly working on the principle that the guiltier you are the harder you have to try to cover it up. But why so many? Is Mourinho's word alone not good enough? Apparently the maximum fine that can be handed out is £2.5k, so really, apart from confirming what we already know, what is the point? Did I hear this right? The latest defence is that he opened his mouth at exactly the same time as someone shouted abuse from the crowd. A clear case of mistaken identity then!!

Danny Welbeck seems to want £60k a week. And who can blame him? When you see the wages paid at the Etihad and to the likes of Joey Barton, why shouldn't Danny hold out for all that he can get? Well, possibly because no one else will pay him that much, and after a busy summer he may find himself behind Chicharito in the pecking order as SAF may choose to teach him a lesson.

Sir Alex gave an interesting first press conference. Darren Fletcher wont be back for the start of the season, and after being out for as long as he has there must now be some doubts about his return at all. Nick Powell is apparently a midfielder and not a striker, and we may make one or two more signings before the transfer window closes, but SAF has no idea which areas of the team these will strengthen (yeah, right).

Up in Scotland Rangers are on the brink of being placed in the Scottish 3rd division which is about the same standard as the Altrincham & District Sunday League. They are complaining about the rights of some of the minor clubs to vote on the future of a giant such as Rangers, but Rangers are happy to beat up on these minor teams most weeks. Isn't this just called JUSTICE? I mean, you don't get to pick your own jurors (generally speaking), and at least these clubs have proven that they can run themselves on a sound financial footing. Will Rangers become the new Leeds? Only time will tell.

Tevez to Milan and Tevez staying are two rumours that surfaced on the same day, and it seems that Ibrahimovic is up for sale. Now, I'm not his biggest fan, but whenever he moves he seems to have a  very positive impact domestically.

Two momentous decisions, Rangers are officially in the Scottish third division, and John Terry is NOT guilty. Rangers appear to have got what they deserved, despite the potential long term effect on Scottish football. Celtic may well win the next ten SPLs, but que sera, sera, and with Rangers transfer embargo there is no guarantee that they will have a trouble free passpage back up into the echelons of Scottish football. John Terry may now face FA charges, as may Anton Ferdinand as they both admitted the use of foul and abusive language. Unfortunately this happens at every game in almost every league, and unless the authorities clamp down unequivocally it will not change. No sense picking on one or two individuals as this could be seen as discrimination. Terry and Ferdinand surely only need to point in the direction of our own Rooney as a classic example of foul and abuse language every week.

Anderson has stated that this season is his most important ever. Hello! Every season is the most important to me, and if he means he's not really been trying up to this point then I'm certainly looking forward to a dramatic improvement.

Notts Forest are looking for a new manager, and there is a bizarre set of candidates. Glen Hoddle is the favourite, but his main rival is Mick McCarthy. This seems to suggest that the club have no clear idea of what they want. Other names are Keano and Maradona, again, two very different characters. I will watch this one with interest, but don't think I'll be taking advantage of the 14/1 for them to win the Championship.

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  1. So Anton calls him a dirty f****** love cheat - or whatever. And Terry calls him back a F****** black C***. Was Anton's argument that, whilst being offensive, it was factually correct? Terry could've gone for that defence himself but thought no Anton's using that I'll go for the, "Sorry I thought that's what you called me?" defence. Is it me or is the whole thing ridiculous? OK technically that could be a possibility BUT when are we, as a society, going to get back to just common sense. Any normal person could've found him guilty and rested their head on the pillow.