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Man United Fan Blog July 2012

Its been a busy start to July, but not much Man United related stuff. Everyone is quite rightly raving about Spain's victory over Italy in the Euro 2012 final, and they didn't have Puyol or Villa available. Who can stop them in Brazil? Maybe Brazil! But traditionally the Brazilians will be under huge pressure to succeed on home soil, so maybe Messi can lead the Argentinians to glory.

A bit like turkeys voting against Christmas, the SPL have voted to keep NewCo Rangers out of the SPL. What a ridiculous name. NewCo is used generically for spin off organisations, but it would probably be more appropriate to call them Phoenix Rangers! Anyway, they wont be in the SPL, which raises lots of questions. For a start who will take their place? Dundee or Dunfermline? This probably won't mean too much if Rangers end up in the first division, as both teams will be guaranteed lucrative Glasgow fixtures, but what if they have to start in the third division? There won't really be any betting opportunities, with Rangers likely to be even heavier odds on than in the SPL, and there won't even be any interesting Celtic v Rangers clashes, unless they meet in the cup. Either way it can't be good for Scottish football that used to be quite well respected. Now they provide the Champions League with Motherwell. I await the outcome of the vote with interest.

Goal line technology could be introduced as early as this season, other than this being the start of a revolution it is hardly going to make a huge difference. How many controversial goal line incidents are there in a Premier League season. If there are more than half a dozen it would be unusual, but every week there are penalty incidents and offsides that would definitely benefit from video replays, and yet there are no plans to introduce this. Look at the Ukraine "goal" in the Euros. Goal line technology would probably have given it (not 100% convinced), but it should have been ruled out for offside that wasn't given. How would that have been fairer?

Its a slow time for website administrators, so MANUTD.COM has done its usual trick of repeating all of the transfer gossip from all of the papers. No added value, just a straightforward repeat. So which of these are likely to happen and which should we really care about?


Falcao 26 year old "goal machine" from Atletico Madrid. Chelsea have been told he is not for sale, but if Chelsea are linked with him its inevitable that we will be too.
Moussa Dembele 24 year old striker from Fulham. One in ten goal record at the Cottage. On his way to OT? I would certainly hope not.
Marouane Fellaini. Unless we are going to change our style of play then not for me. Gets booked more than Rafael.
Paulo Henrique Ganso. 22 year old Brazilian midfielder/striker. Interesting but no more than that. Has been compared to Kaka and it is rumoured he does not want to stay at Santos, but there are also rumours that he has a 50million Euro buy out clause.
Lucas Moura Brazilian midfielder playing for Santos. Only 19 and is apparently looking forward to winning gold at the Olympics (like his confidence). Has rejected Real Madrid and Chelsea enquiries, but apparently Inter Milan are interested. United are reportedly in with a 30m bid and have sent a huge delegation to Brazil. They should have waited and just sent it to London. I suspect there will be no movement of Olympic bound players until after the tournament.
RVP. It would be nice to beat City to his signature, but after one injury free season would you take the chance? Also rumoured that Wenger wants him out of the Premier League.
Yohan Cabaye. Sir Alex was impressed with him in the 3-0 defeat at St James Park (or whatever its called these days). Really? We were that bad my mum could have impressed in that game.
Demba Ba. Newcastle striker could do a job, but will he really want a place on the bench? He got upset at Newcastle when his mate started ahead of him.
Fernando Llorente. The Bilbao striker never got a look in for Spain, but he is a quality player. Would definitely look to force his way into the starting line up and knows where the back of the net is. And the Bilbao region of Spain can be as wet as Manchester (well almost).
Axel Witsel 22 year old Belgian midfielder, and guess who else is in for him? Thats right - Chelsea.
Luke Shaw 16 year old Southampton defender. Talk of 4m asking price, and guess who else is in for him? Barcelona? No its Chelsea again.
Julio Cesar. Are you having a laugh?
Joao Moutinho. Overrated Portuguese midfielder. Allegedly had a good Euro 2012, but could be another Kleberson. Is this the poor man's Modric?
Mats Hummels. The Dortmund player has insisted he is staying at Dortmund. His dad has said he is staying at Dortmund. Why even bother with the story except for the fact that he is one of the few players that Chelsea are not interested in?
Leighton Baines. We need a left back. Evra is not what he was, Fabio out on loan at QPR. But Baines has denied everything.
Luka Modric. Almost a bigger saga than Wesley Sneijder, and reports that he has agreed terms with Real Madrid. OK - we'll have Ozil then.


Ji Sung Park to QPR. Other than a fantastic song about Mourinho's dog I have never been a great fan. Wish him well under Sparky.
Fabio on loan to QPR. Not as good as his brother. No great loss and he may come back a better player.
Berbatov to Galatasary. Who knows what went wrong? Doesn't really matter now. The sooner he leaves the better for player and club. But then comes a rumour that he is staying!
Paul Pogba to Juventus. Good luck to Juve - good player but a huge amount to prove.
Ben Amos to Hull. This story was good because it finally revealed to me where Steve Bruce has gone.
Ezekiel Fryers to Tottenham. Another in the mould of Phil Bardsley, Jonathan Spector, Danny Higginbotham, etc who were never quite good enough.
Nani. See June for my opinion on the Portuguese winger who will never be the new Ronaldo but can still win us games. City and PSG are allegedly in for him, so are PSG the new City? I sincerely hope so.

Ryan Giggs has been named Team GB captain. Now, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but a much more fitting appointment would have been David Beckham. Pearce, you really are an idiot. When you said that if you had been forced to pick Beckham you'd have had to walk away from the job, do you not realise that there would have been literally millions of football (not just United) fans waving "Cheerio"?

Valencia has been given the new No 7 shirt vacated by Michael Owen. I didn't really agree with Owen getting it, and whilst Valencia is a good solid (squad) player, he is no Ronaldo, Cantona, Beckham, Robson, etc. Is this an indication that we will not be signing anyone fit to wear that particular shirt? Apparently Kagawa did not think he was big enough for the shirt. I sincerely hope this is a scurrilous rumour created by the press. Can you imagine Ronaldo or Eric ever saying anything like that?

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  1. Really enjoying these posts Mike. Y'know me, opinionated but knows rock all about football. So it's a nice one stop shop that condenses everything into one shortish (longish for me) read. It's not looking that great for us from where I'm standing, we need to splash the cash. OK Beckham was free, Ronaldo only cost £12m (only!:-) and not only do I not remember anyone else going for him but he was a bit marmite at first. I loved him but remember Nigel Tymm (city fan) laughing at him and saying he wasn't worth £12m - ha, imagine that now, you was right about him and Portugal, he was a one man team, and I never say that. But i really cant see Kagawa being another Ronaldo. Oh well ALOTBSOL :-)