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Man United Fan Blog July 24/25 2012 - Rafael Gets Involved

It would now appear that the RVP and Andy Carroll sagas have been replaced by the Lucas Moura and Luka Modric sagas. Modric has been heavily fined for missing training and missing a plane, and he appears to be cynically using player power to engineer a move to Real Madrid who apparently want him to replace Kaka. His plans could be scuppered by PSG who have allegedly bid 40m for him, which is what Spurs are asking. I am quite happy that United are staying well away from this one, as 40m must be about double what he is worth. Spurs aren't short of good players, but even with Modric at the hub what have they won?

The Moura saga seemes to be centred around Wagner Ribeiro, his agent, who loves the sound of his own press releases. After Sir Alex confirmed that we were interested Ribeiro then said we have reached our limit and will not go higher. Less than 24 hours later he announced that the player has told him to continue negotiations, but the player is also happy to stay in Brazil. The player may be happy to do that, but I bet the agent isn't, with a hefty agents fee likely to be involved. Nothing will happen until after the Olympics, so I would just sit back and enjoy the ride until Sir Alex steps in personally in August. There is also allegedly a clause in Moura's contract that his percentage of the fee goes up from 20% to 30% after August 1st, so definitely don't exepct any movement before then.

Another interesting article on the Moura saga came from David Daniels for the Bleacher report. He suggested that United should forget Moura, concentrate on RVP at a much lower price, and this would give what he calls "wiggle room" to negotiate for the ultimate signing of Neymar! Too much coffee in their offices, I think. Then again, 24 hours later Terry Carroll, also writing for Bleacher report, explains just why Moura is worth the huge fee, so I guess Bleacher report can't lose on that one.

Good news on the injury front, Vidic is back in full time training. Bad news, Smalling has sustained a metatarsal injury and will miss the first 10 weeks. So, with Evans also out, it looks like we will back to the good old Rio and Vida partnership to kick off against Everton. And speaking of Everton, it seems odd that they are willing to sell Tim Cahill to New York Red Bulls. Jelavic proved to be a success last year, but Cahill has done it for several seasons, albeit tailing off last year.

Back to the Moura situation, and it appears that Rafael is responsible for persuading his Brazilian team mate to have an interest in Man United. I can just imagine how the conversation went....

Rafael "Lucas, you must come to Man United, it is a great club"
Lucas "It is a big club and would be a big change. What is it like?"
Rafael "There is a lot of pressure, but I get a lot of cards"
Lucas "Like birthday cards and good luck cards?"
Rafael "No, yellow and red cards"
Lucas "And what about your brother? How is he settling in?"
Rafael "Ah Fabio. He played in the captains position so he has not played much"
Lucas "But couldn't he also play right back?"
Rafael "Yes, he also played my position, and sometimes he took my shirt and played when I couldn't be bothered. Nobody could tell the difference. Anyway, he has gone on loan to Rangers"
Lucas "I have heard of them. The famous Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers"
Rafael "No, Queens Park Rangers"
Lucas "Que isso?"
Rafael "They are managed by ex United player Mark Hughes. And Glasgow Rangers are now in the Scottish 3rd division"
Lucas "Que isso?"
Rafael "Fabio will do fine. And there are lots of good players in the Premier League"
Lucas "Ah yes, like Wayne Rooney. Who is the most expensive Englishman?"
Rafael "Andy Carroll"
Lucas "Que isso?"
Rafael "The good news is that Joey Barton is banned until November"
Lucas "Joey who?"
Rafael "There are lots of strong teams, such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Macnhester City"
Lucas "City? You mean United?"
Rafael "No, City. They are the second team in Manchester"
Lucas "Ah I see, A bit like Barcelona and Barcelona reserves?"
Rafael "No, not exactly"
Lucas "And what about the famous Liverpool?"
Rafael "Well, they have Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam in their midfield"
Lucas "Que isso?"
Rafael "And there are other Portuguese speakers here already. Nani and Anderson. Ando says its his most important season here"
Lucas "Again?"
Rafael "And Nani can be brilliant....and crap"
Lucas "That s probably why they want me to replace him. What s Manchester like?"
Rafael "There are two Bem Brasils. We can go in there for steak while Rio takes the boys to Rosso for pasta, Yuk!"
Lucas "And what about Mr Ferguson? Have you had his hairdryer?
Rafael "Well he can shout a lot, but I don't know about his hairdryer. I have still got my perm"

Lucas "Sounds good. I will keep them hanging on until after the Olympics, then my fee goes up!

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