Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Man United Fan Blog July 9/10 2012

Still lots of speculation in the transfer market, but the big news is that Mancini has signed a 5 year deal with City. Whats the point of that? If he is doing well he will have tied himself into a wage that he would probably want to increase, and if he doesnt do well they will sack him and have to pay compensation. I would have thought three years or less would be adequate, particularly considering City's legendary revolving door policy.

Brendan Rogers is making some strange noises at the other end of the East Lancs. "Liverpool have got the money to spend if the right player is available at the right price"! You couldn't get much more pathetic than that. It means that Liverpool wont be outbidding anybody, but they will bid for almost anyone, apparently to replace Andy Carroll who may be going out on loan. I'm sure that is a great boost to his fragile confidence.

Papers reporting the deal to sign Baines from Everton is almost done. I wonder if the player himself is still in denial? Fantastic news is that Nemanja will be joining the pre season tour. Thats like a new signing for nothing, though at his age will he ever return to his brilliant best? The Moura speculation wont go away (see earlier post), though I'm surprised we've not been linked with Oscar as Chelsea are all over that one.

The JT trial rumbles on, and lets hope the nasty piece of work that passes for the Chelsea captain gets absolutely nailed. I remember seeing him toss the coin at an NFL game at Wembley and everyone wondered whether he was being booed because he was the ceremonial skipper of the away side. No. He was being booed because he is John Terry!


  1. I hope Vidic comes back as strong as ever but my head tells me that's not going to happen. How old is he now?

  2. Vidic is 30, he will be 31 in October. Will Phil Jones/Johnny Evans be the new Vidic?