Sunday, 8 July 2012

Man United Fan Blog June 2012

In the words of the song, "Things Can Only Get Better". That last day of the Premier League Season has long been forgotten, except by City fans who are still wearing all manner of memorabilia to commemorate what will hopefully be their last Premier League title for several decades. Who am I trying to kid? They have the money and the momentum, we are now shopping at the bargain basement in terms of the top four.

Last season Sir Alex was praised for doing his business early, securing the signings of Phil Jones and Ashley Young, and he has once again been quick out of the blocks. 23 year old Shinji Kagawa has been mooted for some time, and he eventually signed for an undisclosed fee rumoured to be anything from £12m to £17m depending upon which paper you read. The player arrives from Dortmund with a big reputation, but it seems odd that there was very little competition for his signature. Still, at least he has not got Eden Hazard's ego.

Another early move has been the signing of Crewe striker Nick Powell. The 18 year old cost £6m but that could prove to be a bargain. It takes me back to the days of Gordon Hill and Steve Coppell when we regularly used to unearth gems from the lower leagues. It was rumoured that Everton and Arsenal were interested in signing Powell, but again there was very little competition when it came to the actual deal.

Rumoured to be on the way out is Nani, but then again the European Championships are a shop window for everyone. Nani claims he is being forced out, whilst there are stories that he will be off to Spain, Italy or even back to Portugal. There is no doubt that Nani can be a class act, but he can also be a waste of a shirt. Maybe we should structure a deal where he gets £250k a week if he gets 10 in The Sun's ratings, down to £0 if he has a stinker.

The European Championships may be a shop window, but they also stop many transfers from even starting. We've made our fair share of mistakes signing a Euro star only to see him struggle, so lets hope Sir Alex doesn't fancy a Croatian centre forward on the strength of a couple of good halves.

Back on the domestic front, Spurs and Harry part company. WTF? How much more can he be expected to do for them? Ideas above their station if you ask me. AVB is rumoured to be favourite to take over, and I suppose he can't really be as bad as he was at Chelsea. And speaking of managers, there have been a few changes. Paul Lambert has gone to Villa, Brendan Rogers has gone to Liverpool (don't envy him that one), and after a quick pub debate none of us could say with any certainty just who the Norwich manager currently is. There seem to be more managers moving clubs than players.

How bad are Holland? Crashing to defeat against Denmark and then being outclassed by Germany. Back to the bad old days of the Dutch, and everyone just seems to be waiting for a squad bust up. Sneijder still looks a class act though, but his chance of signing for Man United must surely have gone.

Watched the first half of the England v France game in the pub, but when Lescott scored the room was full of chirping City fans. They weren't so chirpy when Nasri equalised. Decided to watch the second half at home.

Portugal are starting to look good, well, maybe that should be Ronaldo is starting to look good. Without him they would be ordinary, and Joao Moutinho looks to be vastly overrated. Ronaldo bags two, and no prizes for guessing who is top of my wanted list for summer transfers.

New Premier League fixtures are out, and guess what? The Man City fans in the office seem obsessed by who we are playing rather than looking at their own. The fixture list seems to have been kind to us? What? Not had a look yet but I presume we're playing Scunthorpe, Stockport and Rochdale in the first few weeks, and they've got Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

The inevitable happened and England are out. And guess who's fault it is? That's right, Man United. Ashley Young was woeful, but he wasn't on his own. Wayne Rooney should have been left at home. Danny Welbeck couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo. I'm surprised Phil Jones didn't get some stick, or maybe even Nobby Stiles. John Terry was man of the match against Italy, that's like saying my turd is better than your turd. The only man who could leave the tournament with head held high was Steven Gerrard, and if he hadn't had to carry the whole team during the group stages maybe he would have lasted a bit longer than 74 minutes against Italy without getting cramp.

PSML in text speak as Man City fans claim that they are better than England. Hello! We've been saying that for years, and getting slagged off for it, mainly by City fans.

Absolutely outrageous, Beckham has been left out of the Olympic Squad. Now, don't get me wrong. Micah Richards should have gone to the Euros, but the over age players should be ones who have the potential to make a difference. No issue with Craig Bellamy, he gives everything, has considerable ability, even though I can't stand him. Ryan Giggs is another odd one. Surely selected out of sentiment, so why wasn't Beckham? Even the most ardent Man United fan must be wondering whether Giggs time has come as his standout performances become less and less frequent. Anyway, it gives us a great chance to slaughter the massively overrated Pearce when we don't win the Olympics, and maybe those West Ham fans can replace the effigies of Becks with ones of Pearce.


  1. I like it, a lot of sense spoken here. WHY ON EARTH leave Becks out after all he's done for the Olympics? What is Stuart Pearce thinking, really? It's not even a serious football competition (that's why Pearce is doing it in the first place) so let him play. The misbag. Even if, EVEN IF, you want to base it on ability I'd still have him. The guy was the best player on the planet at his peak. When Beckham got a free kick it was almost like a penalty, or even better if Stuart Pearce was taking the pen. So I'm sure he could hold his own amongst the other players that aren't good enough to play in the real football tournaments. PS I don't rate Gerard but maybe I'm biased :-)

    1. Darran, I can confirm that you definitely ARE biased. OK, I'm not a fan of him as he plays too many Hollywood balls, but he was definitely our best player in the Euros, though thats not saying much. Question should now be asked "Will they play in the next World Cup?" and if the answer is NO then they should be axed. Gerrard's performances are essentially based on his commitment and his ability to go box to box. Sure, he takes a good free kick, but he's not in the Beckham class so there must be other candidates for that particular role. Our qualifying group should be fairly straighgtforward, so we need to be forming the squad for Brazil 2014 now. Sorry, JT and Rio, if you are the best centre halves that we will have in 2 years time then we are in a sorry state. Get the youngsters in.

    2. OK fair point. No qualms about leaving Rio out. All that "is it cos I is black" nonsense is just a Darth Vader excuse. Though they shouldn't have taken Terry either.

  2. PS News just in that Manchini has signed a new 5 year deal with Man City. That's good news as far as I'm concerned because I don't rate him. OK he won them their first title since Cretaceous period but he made hard work of it against a rum team/season from Man United and also after spending what, a £Billion? - 100's and 100's of millions at the very least anyway. I mean, Stephen Hawking could've made an easier job of it with all that money to spend.