Saturday, 21 July 2012

Man United Fan Blog July 20/21. Thats A Moura!

Rumours abound regarding the Brazilian Lucas Moura, and after watching him against Team GB in the Olympic warm up I can see why. He looks an iconic player, a potential world beater, and if we are confident of signing him we should have kept that No7 shirt free. According to Goal.Com United are ready to make an improved bid for Moura, and are confident it will be accepted. I don't normally get excited by transfer rumours but I really hope this is true. Could be a great song too! It also seems that although Oscar has had a medical at Chelsea he has not yet finally decided on a move.

Saga Update 1. Brendan Rodgers (sorry - I appear to have been spelling his name wrong. Could that be because he's not yet that famous?) has said Andy Carroll is not going out on loan, but they will listen to offers. Either way he won't be donning the Scouse shirt this season (yawn).

Saga Update 2. United, City and Juventus have all had bids rejected by Arsenal who want in excess of 20m for the injury prone striker (yawn).

Fergie has stated he is definitely in for a left back. So, if its Leighton Baines is that the end for Evra? Why would we want two out and out left backs? At least Fabio could play left or right.

Finally, some disturbing news on the Glazer front. They are floating part of the club on the NYSE to raise money to reduce the club's debt, but why would anyone want to buy? The shares will have one tenth of the voting rights of the Glazers' shares, and no dividend will be payable. Morgan Stanley have allegedly opted not to work on the flotation because of the unrealistic valuation placed on it by the owners. Since they took over the debt has supposedly reduced from around 550m to around 420m, but it has cost over 500m cash to service it. In the meantime the value of the club has risen by around three quarters of a billion! Nice work if you can get it. Another thing is that the stock will be listed as MANU, and everyone knows that real United fans never call us MANU! That's what the more polite Leeds fans call us.

Although I have not seen the prospectus there are a number of warnings in it, including the fact that the level of debt may affect cash flow for the acquisition and retention of players, and the potential implications of the UEFA fair play rules.

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