Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Man United Fan Blog 31 July 2012

Still very quiet on the football front, with Charlie Adam's attempts to break Gareth Bale's leg making most of the headlines.

Team GB take on Uruguay with our boys just needing a draw to make it through. The press are giving Stuart Pearce lots of undeserved praise for the two late goals against the might of UAE (how quickly they have forgotten the Brazil game - but then again, thats what the press do).

He has not got a great tournament record, and I will stick my neck out and say that Uruguay will beat us tonight, especially with all of the distrcting uproar about the National Anthem not being acceptable to the Welsh! Anyway, if I'm right Pearce will once again be an incompetent manager way out of his depth, and his omission of David Beckham will be seen as the reason why we are out. Having said that, unless we actually win it Pearce will get that criticism anyway.

Small titbit on the Lucas Moura front, apprarently Sao Paulo have offered him a new deal in an attempt to keep him, or is that in an attempt to get United to pay more? As I have said before, there will be no news before the Olympics finish.

On to personal matters, and the score is now United ticket office 1 me 0 after my application for Eveton away was unsuccessful. Not really surprised, and expect many more similar results before the season is out.

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