Thursday, 9 August 2012

Man United Fan Blog 7-9th August 2012 - No Moura.

Well, lets start on a positive note, Darren Fletcher is back in training. he has trained with the first team squad and he has joined up with Scotland ahead of their game against Australia, but Mike Phelan has warned he is a long way off full fitness. With current transfer news I am quite happy to cling to anything, and the prospect of Fletcher returning is certainly something to look forward to.

So, we lost out on Lucas Moura, with the Brazilian choosing to go with the money at PSG. There are a lot of things that don't really add up in this story. Firstly, how can the press invent a story when nothing is really happening? His agent denied a Man United deal had been done, and then denied that a PSG deal had been done, but it is officially on the PSG website! Agents really don't do themselves any favours. So will the British (and worldwide) press that claimed the United switch was a done deal now come out and admit they were barking up the wrong tree and speculating just to sell newspapers? Maybe they wll even refund the cost of last Sunday's Mail? Perhaps not! Perhaps they will now sart to peddle RVP and Robert Lewandowski rumours.

Another thing that doesn't quite sit right is Thiago Silva's involvement. "I see many possibilities for Lucas to play in English football. Despite being a short guy he is really strong and powerful. It is really difficult to stop him. In Manchester particularly, they play with two wingers - it used to be Cristiano Ronaldo and now it's Nani. He has the same qualities as these players." That was on 21st July. Once the signing to PSG was announced the quote was "I recommended him to Leonardo, who asked me what Lucas was like. I didn’t say it because he is my friend, but because of his technical quality. He has a lot to give the national team, would happily be at PSG, and can help us find the gold medal. Certainly I would want Lucas on our side rather than against. It would be a great help to have such a skillful player on our team."

Finally, there is Sir Alex Ferguson's reaction. Now, I am a big fan of Sir Alex, but sometimes his statements are a little but off the wall. He supposedly offered £30m and Moura went for £35.5m. In the grand scheme of things that is not a huge difference, though he will almost certainly be getting higher wages at PSG. But for SAF to come out and say that he is staggered that anyone would pay so much for a 19 year old is a bit rich when he was apparently prepared to pay just £5.5m less. Its not like it is twice as much.

Attentions now turn to RVP who is not involved in the Olympics and so speculation is fair game! Apparently talks have stalled, and we are no nearer achieving our target. One look at the tally of pre season goals should be enough to convince anyone that we are one or two players short. Perhpas the lack of clarity around RVP explains why we have been linked with Lewandowski, though the price on the Dortmund striker fluctuates massively from £12m to £30m. And its gone very quiet on the Leighton Baines front. I certainly wouldn't like to be in Fergies' trousers, especially with that £50m burning a hole in his pocket.

A 0-0 draw with Barcelona seems acceptable, forget about the loss on penalties, so perhaps Mike Phelan is right and that we are approaching Barcelona's level, or more likely, they are coming down to ours. In fact with us losing out on penalties maybe we are more likely to be heading for Chelsea's level.

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