Thursday, 30 August 2012

Man United Fan Blog August 30th 2012

Its a busy and exciting day with draws for the Capital One cup and Champions League. I predict that City will get a big name in their group (they can't avoid it), and we will get at least one minnow (we can't avoid it), and then all of the City fans will say it was rigged. You heard it here first. Personally I would like to see moneybags City get knocked out by moneybags PSG and moneybags Malaga.

The transfer window is about to slam shut tomorrow, with lots of futures still to be decided. Then there's always the Russians who seem to have a different transfer window! And of course the transfers that didn't get announced by the deadline but happened anyway.

Spurs signed Dembele from Fulham. I'm not his greatest fan but there are worse players around. Interesting situation regarding Theo Walcott, with talks apparently breaking down and Man City leading the pack of predators for his signature. Could it be that Theo heard that City were in for him and therefore decided to reopen negotiations to stay at Arsenal? Charlie Adam has been linked with Stoke, but will he see this as a step up or a step down from Liverpool? And speaking of Liverpool, Andy Carroll has still gone nowhere but that could be the last big name move of the window.

Could we finally see the end of Berbatov in a United shirt? He has been linked with Fiorentina but Fulham are now reported to be favourites to sign him. Unfortunately its the Mail that have reported this, so its unlikely to be true.

One player unlikely to be moving is Wayne Rooney who has apparently used Twitter to confirm his allegiance to Man United. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned press conference?

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