Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Man United Fan Blog 18th September 2012

First of all, I'm not going to say anything about Hillsborough. Emotions are already running high and it was certainly not an event to be trivialised.

You may have noticed that there's been an international break, and when that happens the press have to fill the back pages somehow. This time has been no exception, with the prime story being how Ronaldo is unhappy at Real Madrid. Add to that the fact that Madrid are already 8 points behind Barca in La Liga, put two and two together, and Ronaldo's coming home! And guess who will be managing him? Pep Guardiola has apparently been asked about a career at Manchester United by non other than Sir Alex Ferguson. This all stemmed from an alleged meeting in New York - it really has been a dry week for football stories! The interesting thing about this is that the majority of pics of Pep and Sir Alex together to support the story are from before last season's Champions League Final! Apparently Guardiola has moved to New York in an attempt to improve his English prior to taking a job in the Premier League. Now, I don't know about you but if I wanted to improve my English the last place I would go would be New York! How about moving to....err...England? And anyway, Sir Alex was only in New York to cheer on Andy Murray.

Back to Ronaldo, and if he is unhappy he should leave according to former Madrid president Ramon Calderon. Benzema says he has not seen him unhappy, and the Sun say he can't be too unhappy, accompanying their story with pics of his scantily clad supermodel girlfriend. My take on this is that there is no smoke without fire, and it could be an explosive summer if Ronaldo is up for grabs. One thing is for certain, no matter how hated the Glazers are now, if they allowed Ronaldo to go anywhere other than back to United you could multiply it by at least 100.

On to the Premier League that returned at the weekend, and the usual tedious "will they shake or wont they?" as QPR and Anton Ferdinand faced Chelsea and John Terry and Ashley Cole. Maybe they should all just grow up.

Norwich 0 West Ham 0
Two teams that will be fighting relegation at the end of the season.

Arsenal 6 Southampton 1
Another team likely to be fighting relegation simply outclassed by in form Arsenal. Now up to third despite the loss of RVP.

Aston Villa 2 Swansea 0
Defeat for the Swans but no disgrace, and as I have said before I expect Villa to be well up the table when others are fighting the drop. Having said that, I'd never heard of either of Villa's scorers.

Fulham 3 West Brom 0
Berbatov seems to have settled in well, and this seems to be a major blow to the Baggies, particularly as Villa have started to improve.

Man United 4 Wigan 0
It always seems to be 4-0 when we play Wigan, which is probably why Sir Alex had something of an experimental side out. It now seems that we do not have a number 1 keeper, and that does not feel right, whilst rumours that Evra was "dropped" in favour of goalscorer Buttner are probably exaggerated. Expect Patrice to return against Galatasaray. Kagawa had pulled out of the Japan game with an injury, and RVP was taken of by Holland as a precaution, so no real surprises, and good to see Powell get on the scoresheet with a goal that Scholesy (also on the scoresheet) would have been proud of. Shame about the missed pen, but Chicarito played well again. Starting to hit our stride in time for the trip to Anfield.

QPR 0 Chelsea 0
Sparky seems to have QPR playing well, and they could even have snatched this one. Apparently Eden Hazard is a mere mortal and not the footballing god we were told he was by the sensationalist media.

Stoke 1 City 1
Shame really, but I would have loved Owen to bag the winner in injury time. City drop more points in what they will call a tough game - whilst Stoke have become the draw specialists.

Sunderland 1 Liverpool 1
Relegation worries at Anfield? Certainly hope so, but Sunderland will not be an easy place to visit this season.  Creditable point for the Scousers as they "welcome" us next weekend.

Reading 1 Spurs 3
Trouble for Reading and Spurs finally starting to get it together, but I still think they will struggle to match their finish of the last couple of seasons.

Everton 2 Newcastle 2
Everton can claim to have been robbed by refereeing decisions, but they are still much better off than they normally are at this time of the season. Newcastle fought back well and will still be a top half team, not bad seeing as how they were relegation candidates at the start of last season.

Looking forward to Champions League and a hattrick for Ronaldo this week.

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