Thursday, 6 September 2012

Man United Fan Blog 6th September 2012

Its an international week so not much news on the United front. Michael Owen signed for Stoke, and his praise for them was gushing. Lookimg forward to the challenge. Looking forward to working with Tony Pulis. Looking forward to teaming up with Peter Crouch. Or could it be that his stables are close by?

Anyway, I'm sure you've all seen the Southampton game a hundred times by now, but there are two things that should be pointed out.

Firstly, apart from a famous game in 1999, United never score from corners. In the Everton game Twitter was screaming at Nani to beat the first man, but he rarely did. Then he got axed. Well, against Southampton, not only did he pass the ball into RVP when he won the penalty, he also launched an inch perfect cross onto RVP's head (with a little help from RVPs movement). So now we do score from corners, and let's hope that this is the start of a big season for Nani.

Secondly, most teams send their centre halves up for corners, whilst we are content for Nemanja to venture into the opposition box whilst Rio stays at home. The reason is obvious. For the second goal, when the ball came across, Rio had all of the time in the world to plant his header in the back of the net, so what did he do? Hit the post! Fortunately RVP dug him out of that one, but maybe that's something for Rio to work on whilst everyone else is away on international duty.

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