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Man United Fan Blog 2012-13 end September

Its been a while - Ive been busy job hunting, so there's a lot to get through.

Cast your mind back to the Champions League draw. City were given a tough group but "Ronaldo never does it against us" was a common shout, last heard by Chelsea fans just before the final in Moscow. Well, after a great performance by City it ultimately came to nothing as Kompany decided to duck out of the way leaving a surprised Joe Hart stranded as Ronnie scored the winner.

Interestingly, at the point that Madrid took the lead their multiball policy immediately ceased, which is almost similar to events the following night at Old Trafford. In that game, during the second half the ball went flat, so another one was produced. Minutes later that one also went flat, and a lackie was sent to the dressing room, or who knows, maybe the shop, to get another one. Very poor on a European and worldwide stage, as was the performance, but at least we got 3 points. On the plus side The Railway Club is as good as ever!

Chelsea 1 Stoke 0
The kind of result that championships are built on. A late winner detracts from the point that Chelsea are still picking up points but are not looking as invincible as earlier in the season.

Southampton 4 Aston Villa 1
Bit of a shocker as Villa came down to earth with a bump and Southampton hit form. Cant see it lasting, and still think Villa will end up mid table as Southampton scrap at the bottom.

West Brom 1 Reading 0
More predictable misery for Reading whilst West Brom continue to impress.

West Ham 1 Sunderland 1
Maybe West Ham have got a bit more fight than I gave them credit for, or maybe Sunderland are struggling to get consistency that will eventually see them in the top half.

Wigan 1 Fulham 2
Alarm bells for Wigan as they fall to traditional away strugglers Fulham. Berbatov looks like a great signing!

Swansea 0 Everton 3
Im still convinced that Swansea's good start is not a flash in the pan, but results like this are worrying. Expect Everton to remain in the top four for a long time.

Man City 1 Arsenal 1
One of the most one sided draws you will ever see - with the Gunners definitely deserving the three points. City will point to their resolve, but they still havent kept a clean sheet this season.

Tottenham 2 QPR 1
QPR continue to struggle despite their multitude of stars. A settled side would be nice, and the same could be said for Spurs who are still picking up points despite not playing well.

Newcastle 1 Norwich 0
Norwich still struggling as Newcastle scrape home. Further indication that they are not the same force as last season.

Liverpool 1 Man United 2
Not sure how we did it but we did! Some very harsh refereeing decisions, not least the sending off, but to be fair, Shelvey looks like he should be sent off every week. Could this be one of those results that galvanises Liverpool's season?

The Carling Cup has now been renamed the Capital One Cup, and the dreaded home draw saw us face Newcastle. Fortunately Newcastle didn't bother turning up, whilst Sir Alex took the opportunity to try out a wingerless formation. For more information on that read this guy...

Anyway, we got the win, and now have to travel to Chelsea which is a much more welcome draw. All of the other big boys also went through, except, of course, for City, but we won't dwell on that!

Everton 3 Southampton 1
Everton still going from strength to strength, though Southampton starting to show more spirit.

Fulham 1 Man City 2
Could have been so different but for a late winner so typical of United. Still no clean sheets for City which must be worrying to them, but they continue to pick up points.

Norwich 2 Liverpool 5
The fact the Norwich scored 2 must be a worry, but Liverpool did what they used to do, comfortably beat the lesser teams.

Reading 2 Newcastle 2
And Reading could have won. Newcastle not showing the signs of being a top six side, though Demba Ba is back to form just in time for our visit!

Stoke 2 Swansea 0
Stoke get a much needed win and Swansea must now stop the slide. They are leaking goals and their flowing football has stopped. Still confident they will turn it around and finish mid table.

Sunderland 1 Wigan 0
Predictable win for Sunderland and Wigan showing signs that they may struggle longer term.

Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2
Arsenal could so easily have won this game, but it could turn out to be pivotal as Chelsea sit at the top of the league.

Man United 2 Tottenham 3
WTF? We didn't even turn up in the first half and all thoughts turned to a Solskjaer inspired comeback as Rooney came on at half time. The performance was dramatically improved but unfortunately the result was not. Worrying times for the defence, though the stick that Rio got was probably unjustified.

Aston Villa 1 West Brom 1
Not much between the two midlands clubs, and I dont expect there to be much between them at the end of the season.

QPR 1 West Ham 2
The allstars got done by West Ham, though they did occasionally play some very nice football. Sooner or later they must turn it around.

And so to match day 2 in Europe. Fergie demanded that we don't start slowly again, but we did and Cluj went one up. RVP got us level and then put us 2-1 up thanks to two assists from Rooney, then we proceeded to control the game until the last 3 or 4 minutes. So why did we then allow Cluj some very good chances? Still not happy that De Gea and Lindegard are sharing the goalkeeping duties, and I would definitely go with the Spaniard at the moment. Six points out of six - and top of the group, but all of the British teams did well, except, of course, for City. They were very lucky to get a point at home to an excellent Dortmund side, and once again no clean sheet. Five points behind Madrid and 3 behind Dortmund, the back to back games against Ajax will probably determine who goes into the Europa League.

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  1. Clean sheet for us today. And Cleverly's goal was goal of the season for me, after Butner's maybe??? Still don't rate Cleverly. Oh and Evra, who I've been calling for a while (saying he's gone past his use-by date) playing outstanding in my opinion. He must have been up there for man of the match.