Thursday, 1 November 2012

Man United Fan Blog 2012-13 November 1st

Its been a great week for the press, with Chelsea going into meltdown after Sunday's defeat. I'm surprised they didn't turn out for last night's Capital One Cup contest with "Why always us?" t-shirts on. Interesting to see Cole and Terry sat in the crowd near Fernando Torres. Other than football I wonder what they can possibly have in common.

Breaking news this morning that a Chelsea fan has been alleged to have made a racist gesture towards Danny Welbeck. "Why always us?"

Anyway, on to the results.

Man City 1 Swansea 0
A far from convincing City did what champions do. Swansea look to have turned the corner despite this defeat. They also notched a win at Anfield in the Capital One Cup, always a good result.

Arsenal 1 QPR 0
Arsenal's goal should never have been given. Arteta was a mile offside and this makes a mockery of the plan to implement goal line technology. How many times is there controversy over whether a ball has crossed the line? One a month? How many times is there controversy over offside goals, penalties, etc? Every match. The authorities should concentrate on this instead. I'm expecting QPR to notch a win this weekend, and I'm expecting Arsenal to get a good hammering at Old Trafford.

Reading 3 Fulham 3
Reading showed a great deal of fight, but then again so did Fulham. Fulham will definitely be safe at the end of the season, not sure about Reading, especially after they also let a FOUR goal lead slip against Arsenal in the Capital One Cup. Morale must be very low.

Stoke 0 Sunderland 0
Draw specialists Stoke grabbed another against a stuttering Sunderland. After defeat against Middlesboro in the Capital One Cup do I hear calls for the vastly overrated Martin O'Neil's head?

Wigan 2 West Ham 1
Wigan hang on despite a late surge from the Hammers. This is the sort of result I would expect, and it would probably be the reverse at Upton Park. Expect Wigan to continue to thrive in the Premier League.

Aston Villa 1 Norwich 1
Villa continue to frustrate whilst Norwich showed great resilience in coming back at Villa Park. They built on this by coming from behind to beat Spurs in the Capital One Cup. They will still be battling relegation at the end of the season though.

Chelsea 2 Man United 3
Or should that be Clattenburg 3? Great deal of fuss over this one, but have the Chelski fans forgotten Drogba's offside goal at Old Trafford a few seasons ago? I must admit, Jonny Evans seems to get away with an awful lot these days. And of course Chelsea's knee jerk reaction is to blame the ref. Not for the decisions, but for abusing their players. The referee is in charge, its a bit like being in an "old school" school. Your teachers would abuse you all day long if they could, and you couldn't do anything about it. Now, I'm not condoning racist abuse, if that did happen, but if the Chelsea players did not abuse the figure of authority so blatantly and so often, they would not get this sort of stick in return. Two wrongs don't make a right, but Chelsea always seem to look for someone else to blame.

Newcastle 2 West Brom 1
Run of the mill result, with Newcastle strong at home. Probably just a blip in the Baggies season.

Southampton 1 Tottenham 2
A good result for Spurs, whilst pundits go on about Southampton's spirit. Unfortunately spirit will not keep them up. They need to learn how to defend, and fast.

Everton 2 Liverpool 2
More controversy with offsides (see above). Everton fans reckon they outplayed their rivals, and Liverpool fans reckon Everton fans are talking rubbish. Don't you just love football (but not Suarez)?

Just a quick word about last night's Capital One Cup defeat. I thought Chelsea deserved it from about midway through the second half. We played some great stuff, and where has Anderson been hiding his talents? Unfortunately "inconsistency" is his middle name, one that he shares with Nani. Chelsea's late penalty was awarded against Scott Wootton, but Nani had the chance to run the ball into the corner and chose to go at the heart of the Chelsea defence about a minute earlier. Incidentally, it is now clear to see why Sir Alex plays Carrick at centre half, preferring to leave Wootton on the bench. Buttner looks nothing like a replacement for Evra, but Keane played very well. I wonder when he's going to take Wootton's place on the first team bench?


  1. Wootton looked bobbins to me. I have a soft spot for Anderson and I SO want him to do well for us and himself consistently. He has the talent. He is capable. He just needs something to stop him appearing, from time to time, like he is physically wading, hip deep, through treacle.

  2. Im an Anderson fan too - but he has to deliver consistently or he'll be gone. The clock is ticking on him.