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Man United Fan Blog 2012-13 Mid Season Summary 21st Feb 2013

First of all, an apology. Ive been a bit busy on many other projects, mainly my biography of mike sanchez (, and had to let this one slip, but not much has happened, oh apart from a 12 point gap at the top of the Premier League.

Now, a bit of naughtiness from regular contributor Darran. He was "messing about" with a spreadsheet, and came up with the following scenario....

Man Utd Result Points Left to play for clear by City Points Left to play for
QPR Win 68 33 14 Chelsea Draw 54 33
Norwich Win 71 30 14 Aston Villa Win 57 30
West Ham Win 74 27 14 Wigan Win 60 27
Reading Win 77 24 16 Everton Draw 61 24
Sunderland Win 80 21 16 Newcastle Win 64 21
Man City Win 83 18 19 Man Utd Lose 64 18
Stoke Doesn't Matter 15 WBA Doesn't Matter 15
Aston Vila Doesn't Matter 12 Spurs Doesn't Matter 12
Arsenal Doesn't Matter 9 West Ham Doesn't Matter 9
Chelsea Doesn't Matter 6 Swansea Doesn't Matter 6
Swansea Doesn't Matter 3 Reading Doesn't Matter 3
WBA Doesn't Matter 0 Norwich Doesn't Matter 0

Of course, this assumes that Chelsea and Tottenham will also drop points along the way!

Anyway, back in August I gave my predictions for the league. so lets see how they are doing now.

Current Premier League position in brackets.

1   Man United (1) Not a difficult one to predict.
2   Chelsea (3) They have had a blip and are now coming back strongly.
3   Everton (6) Been on the edge of the top four all season - just need to push on.
4   Arsenal (5) In freefall and probably wont make top four.
5   Man City (2) Slipping away from the top - but no one is currently good enough to knock them out
                        of 2nd place.
6   Sunderland (13) Not done as well as expected.
7   Newcastle (16) I thought that they would struggle but not as much as this.
8   Swansea (8) Spot on. Comfortable with the added bonus of the Carling Cup Final.
9   Tottenham (4) Holding things together well. Who knows where they would be without Bale?
10 West Brom (9) Safe in mid table and not likely to move much.
11 Aston Villa (17) Not yet safe, but a lot of talent in their squad and a good manager.
12 Liverpool (7) A lot of mediocrity has lifted them higher than their early season form deserved.
13 Fulham (12) Firmly established as a lower half Premier League team. One bad year and they will be
14 Wigan (19) Genuinely thought they would be safe earlier than usual this year. Watch out for late
                      season rally.
15 Stoke (10) Continue to defy the critics and safe in mid table.
16 West Ham (11) Fans not happy but 11th is very respectable. Not yet safe.
17 QPR (20) Even Harry cant rescue them. Going to take a monumental effort.
18 Southampton (15) Some great performances but shipping too many goals. Need to carry on
19 Reading (18) Another good side on their day but not enough good days to survive.
20 Norwich (14) Excellent first half of the season but in danger of doing a Blackpool.

So who have been the stars? Here is my Premier League team of the season so far. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions.

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham)
Leighton Baines (Everton)
Phil Jagielka (Everton)
Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea)
Rafael (Man United)
Marouane Fellaini (Everton)
Michael Carrick (Man United)
Gareth Bale (Tottenham)
Juan Mata (Chelsea)
Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Robin Van Persie (Man United)

Joe Hart (Man City)
Michu (Swansea)
Pablo Zabaleta (Man City)
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Frank Lampard (Chelsea)
Santi Cazorla (Arsenal)
Jonny Evans (Man United
Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

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  1. I'm starting to think I'd have De Gea in my team of the season. He's still got a long way to go and a good few more steak, chips and egg meals to get down him but I've a feeling he's going to be top drawer keeper for us. I wouldn't have Carrick in it, don't rate him at all. PS I'd have picked Vidic as man of the match against Reading, thought Nani was good.